Tuesday, December 27, 2011

there's a party in heaven

check out www.matthewandnaomibuckwalter.blogspot.com......to celebrate mom's life!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


happy 72nd birthday mom!
we had a great time celebrating with the family on friday evening.
what a blessing to be together....although we missed you nedra and ian!
a quick update on mom.
we headed to the doctors on monday to go over her CT scans she had this past thursday. everything looks about the same.
a few more noggles in both her lungs but non of the old spots/noggles have grown.
Praise God!
she has/had a small tumor on her windpipe since the very beginning and that has increased in size a bit as well.
while we were at the appt. mom mentioned she had pain at her side.
everything LOOKED ok, so dr. kane said if the pain persists, to give her a call in a few days and she'll have an MRI.
this morning she woke up with severe pain and spots around her waist.
uggh! please pray for mom. very painful.
but as always, not an ounce of complaining from her!
thanks to mary lou who rushed her to the dr. so she was able to get treatment which hopefully will allow healing to begin right away. thanks again for standing with our mom...
she feels your prayers!

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Dad, mom, and I (naomi), headed to Foxchase Cancer Center on Thursday to hear what the oncologist had to say about moms situation.
what a great visit!
dr. bourgie (if i spelled that right?) was amazing.
in a nutshell, after he looked over mom report, he felt very positive about the course of action that dr. kane had suggested.
although some of the cancer is slightly growing, more places are shrinking!
he recommended her staying on herbitux (the chemo that she is receiving every monday) and not adding anything new since this is working in a positive way with her body.
thank you Jesus!
as always, continue to pray for healing through out her body......
especially her head and wisdom for the doctors!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Foxchase Cancer Center

just doing a quick update down here on neal and mary lous computer.

mom is doing well.

tired from the Gamma Knife.....

or maybe because a family of six has been parked at her house:)....

and has been battling headaches,

which could be side effects of G.K.

Reguardless, she IS doing well.

we have an appointment at Foxchase Cancer Center on thursday for some imput from their oncologist.

we are excited for this,

just to get some new information and see what else can be done with her chemo.

mom is enjoying summer.

She is watching the birds, watering her flowers, and more.

so sweet to be with her during this time.

till next time


Friday, July 8, 2011

more news

mom is home, feeling a little loopy from all the meds, but doing great!

she admitted that gamma knife wasn't nearly as bad as she expected.....so that is a huge praise! on the down side of things when the mri came back yesterday

she had a few more tumors in her head than expected.

so the drs. were planning to do their best to radiate as many as they could this time,

and get the rest in 6 wks.

thank you Jesus for amazing doctors and a Heavenly Father who knows it all even when we don't!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

gamma knife

so im here at lancaster radiology waiting for mom to get out of gamma knife.

i, naomi, have been staying at mom and dads, helping out.

no computer there, so its a rare occasion when i get on line....and that time is now.

thank you lancaster health campus!

mom is doing well, battling headaches but perservering!

at her last mri the drs. found a new tumor and recommended for her to go through the gamma knife purcedure.

she agreed, reluctantly.

so here we are.

they just reported that they screwed the halo into her skull and she did great.

they did the mri and will soon wheel her back to a waiting area while the neurologist and radiologist will prepare to gamma knife.

dad is here with me, sitting on his hands, trying to be patient while his beans wait to be planted:)

good choice dad!

as far as the rest of her body,

she has some improvements and some growth, so sum it up.

we are continuing to content for her healing knowing that our Father loves to surprise us and do the impossible!

thanks to all who are supporting and praying........she feels it!

naomi, for Jeanette.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Depending on Him

This picture of these daffodils at the mountain cabin always reminds me of mom.....

pushing through when it's hard.
when the odds are stacked against.
mustering up the strength.
faith filled
to find a way.

Yet this morning when i talked to her before heading to chemo....again,
i could tell discouragement wanted to creep in.
"is this my life now,
"tiredness, headaches, etc?"

i picked up my devotional and read.....

I am faithful-totally worthy of your trust in all situations.
I know exactly how much you can bear,
and I set limits to your suffering.
Do not multiply your trouble
by projecting it into the future as if it were endless,
for I can relieve or remove it at any moment.
Your job is to continue trusting Me in the present,
waiting for Me to provide a way out-in My way and timing!
As you wait in My Presence, be of good courage.
I will strengthen your heart.
This is my prayer for mom today....join me.

Her white-blood count has been down so she wasn't able to have chemo last week.
Please pray for a great report today before her treatment....
and that her spirit continues to be strong....thanks